Type 1. Standard Tremie (for above water applications)

  • Extremely useful on large formwork projects.
  • Height of a single section: 4 feet (1.2 meters).
  • Working length of a single section: 3'4" (1 meter).
  • Diameters offered: 10" (tapering to 9"), 11", 12", and greater.
  • Linked sections create a flexible tremie that can be curved.
Saluda Dam Remediation Project, Columbia, SC. Pictures courtesy of Barnard Construction Company, Inc.

Take a look at the Standard Tremie Video to see the bending capability of the product (1.5 minutes / 4 MB).


Type 2 - Watertight Tremie


  • For underwater concrete placement: flooded shafts, bridgework, piers, bored holes.
  • Tremies fit snuggly & quickly together for a watertight fit.
  • Length of a single section: 13 feet (4 meters) max.
  • Shorter sections available.
  • Diameters offered: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", and greater.
  • Intended for straight suspension (no bends).
  • Weight of a 13' x 8" section: 65 lb. Volume .17 yd3.


  • Integrated rigging components cannot be lost.
  • The stainless steel shackle features a unique locking design to prevent loss of the pin while the shackle is open.

How to place concrete in a water filled form:

  1. In this case, the form is a hollow steel piling that has been driven 80 feet below grade.
  2. Use an auger to remove earthen material from inside the piling to a depth of 70 feet.
  3. The piling will fill with sub-surface water.
  4. Install a wire reinforcing cage.
  5. Lower the tremie 70 feet into the piling.
  6. The tremie is open ended, so it will also fill with water.
  7. Place a soccer ball in the top of the tremie.
  8. Pump concrete into the tremie.
  9. The descending ball will prevent the concrete from mixing with the water.
  10. The ball will exit the bottom of the tremie and shoot to the surface.
  11. As concrete exits the tremie, the piling will start to fill with concrete.
  12. Water displaced by the concrete will gush out the top of the piling.
  13. The tremie is slowly raised so that the lower end of the tremie always stays in the concrete mass.

Railroad Bridge Project, New Orleans, LA (Pictures courtesy of Fenton Rigging & Contracting, Cincinnati, OH).

A 3 foot tall tremie section
Spreader Bar

Superchute Tremie & Funnel Support
(shown over a manhole)

Installation Considerations:

  1. The assemblies hang down.
  2. As they are not needed and could become snagged, remove the cables of the lowest section in the system prior to building the tremie.
  3. The overall section diameter is 7" greater than the tube diameter due to the protruding linking hardware. Therefore an 8" dia. tremie requires a 15" dia. clearance minimum.



Every tremie section is equipped with 2 galvanized cable assemblies.

Destruction tests have shown the Breaking Strain of a cable assembly to be approx. 10,000 lb.

Therefore a tremie section has an ultimate load rating of 20,000 lb., i.e. the paired assemblies will break if they are subjected to more more than 20,000 lb of load. This information applies to Superchute® cable assemblies in new or “good as new” condition, that were supplied with the Superchute® tremie.

Your site engineer must determine a safe Working Load Limit (WLL) for the system. If there are people working under a suspended tremie, then your engineer will likely require a safety factor of 5 to 1, or greater. If there are no people working under or near the suspended tremie, then the engineer could possibly require a safety factor as low as 2 to 1.

Click for example: How long a tremie can we build?



Click HERE to see a tremie shortening technique.



Multi-purpose green funnel for your material handling needs.

Tar Creek Superfund Site, OK (Picture courtesy of The Ross Group, Tulsa, OK).

WARNING! Do not use the funnel to support the tremie sections hanging below. It is not strong enough. Use the cable assemblies or U-bolts of the uppermost tremie section to support the weight of the tremie sections hanging below.

Simply sit the funnel on top of the suspended tremie. To prevent the funnel from being knocked off the the tremie, the funnel should be attached to the tremie using the supplied chain & hook assemblies.


  • 36" x 36" square top
  • choice of 3 outlet diameters
  • cut outlet to desired dia. on site
  • 2 keyhole fittings accept chain

The same funnel is often used by contractors for elephant trunking as well.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.